Panchajanyam Magazine Issue 171 August 2013

Panchajanyam 171 August 2013

One Response to Panchajanyam Magazine Issue 171 August 2013

  1. Subramanian says:

    In the issue #171, on page 13 there is an account from the tugLak magazine titled “காளியின் சினம்” wherein the author of that article ascribes the reason for the disastrous storm and floods that ravaged uttarakAND state in the KEdArnath region to the rage of the KALi whose image was diverted elsewhere by the state government in order to build a dam. The storm and floods killed thousands of people. I am at a loss to understand why should the goddess KALi punish innocent citizens for a supposed transgression by government officials. If KALi is that vengeful she doesn’t deserve to be worshiped. If KALi really caused that disaster our of a rage she is behaving like an ordinary human being. We don’t need her as a goddess. Albert Einstein said he does not believe in a god who punishes and rewards people for their evil and good acts, respectively. If he does so it smacks of a human being and divinity should be stripped from that entity we call god.

    Having said that I don’t personally believe in that nonsense about காளியின் சினம். It amounts to plain superstition. Those who do believe in that and propagate such believe belong in the 10th century.

    I was also annoyed at another account about an IAS officer (Uma shankar ???) who ascribed the same disaster to what Christians consider punishment for the pagans. Utter nonsense in both instances.

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