Sri Vaishnava Sri Krishnamachari Swamy’s Autobiography ( in Thamizh)

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2 Responses to Sri Vaishnava Sri Krishnamachari Swamy’s Autobiography ( in Thamizh)

  1. Let me state at the beginning that the autobiography is really a monumental work containing extraordinary details that would tax anyone’s memory. Really an incredible job!

    I have some comments on some factual errors in the autobiography. Let me cite a few of them.

    1. There was a remark at salt settling at the bottom of the sea. The solubility of salt in water is huge. The salt content of sea water is only 3.5% on average and hence there is no way the salt can solidify and settle at the bottom. In fact the salt content of Dead Sea in Israel/Jordan border is around 30%.
    2. There is a myth that there is pure oxygen under the peepul tree (arasa maram) which is supposed to give some beneficial effects.. Since it is not a closed environment any pure oxygen even if released in that area would be diluted immediately by the surrounding air. Thermodynamics would not allow for such concentration of oxygen when the surrounding air is only 20% in oxygen content.
    3. The red pigmentation caused by marudANi on the skin is due to the pH change when the acidic medium comes in contact with the physiolocgical pH of the hand (pH=7.4). The semi-permanent pigmentation is just a dyeing effect just like hair-color.
    4. The so-called “pisu-pisu” feeling of the fatty oils is NOT due to cholesterol as indicated in the text. The viscous nature is due to the triglyceride composed of long chain fatty acids like stearing acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid etc. In fact there is zero cholesterol in ALL plant-derived products including coconut, cashew, plant oils, grains, legumes and a whole gamut of plant products. Plants do not synthesize cholesterol at all.
    5. Curcumin (in manjaL) is mentioned somewhere in the text as a terpene. No it is not a terpene. It is an antioxidant containing two phenolic moieties at the ends with alternating double bonds in a 7 carbon chain containing a keto-enol segment connecting the the terminal phenolic moieties.
    6. Carbohydrates (simple sugars as well as complex carbos like starch) contribute only 4 kcal/gm (not 5 kcal as mentioned in the text).
    7. There is a Thamizh verse quoted which goes as “panaipaDu kizhangin…” when talking about the palmyra tree. The actual verse goes as “nArAy nArAy sengAl nArAy pazhampaDu panaiyin kizhangu piLandhanna pavaLak kUrvAy sengAl nArAy….” in a song titled nArai viDu thoodhu.
    8. Scorpion venom is mentioned as acting through injection of potassium. Actually the venom contains neurotoxin peptides which immobilize the victim and also some enzyme inhibitors. The potassium content in the venom is insignificant as to cause the cardio shock which a potassium injection can give.

    These are just a few factual errors that I noticed. There are others which can wait for want of space and time.

  2. In the previous comment item #4, pl read stearing acid as stearic acid.

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